Check-In Info
  • Check-in anytime after 4:00pm
  • Everything is cleaned and sanitized before arrival
  • The door code is the last four digits of your cell phone number that is on file for your Airbnb account.
Check-Out Info
  • Leave the beds unmade
  • Wash, dry, and put away the dishes
  • Leave the trash inside the cabin or put the trash in the Bear-proof cages besides Sly Fox Cabin
  • Have a safe trip home and visit us again soon!
Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there WiFi?
– There is a Satellite in each cabin but streaming videos could be slow, especially during the weather.

How long does the Jacuzzi take to heat up?
– It can take 24/48 to heat up

Is there a fee for pets? How much is the fee?
– Yes there is a $20 fee that will be requested after booking